Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Over on the right, under Avast, is a link to the site Indexed. If you like that site, check out Le Grand Content. (animation)

Best shot:


For lower brow humor that may not be safe for work or Presbyterians, see The 100 worst porn movie titles. Bumpin Donuts?


Anonymous said...

San Diego should have won the game. Now I have to pray the Pats can take care of The Colts.

Yeah right.

Colts - New Orleans superbowl.

Colts win.

Karl said...

Just like Magical Spirit Guide said.

It is finally Dungy's time, and Michael Turton shall gnash his teeth in anguish over his failed prognostication.

el spencer said...

le grand content...that was pretty good. you definitely chose the right frame for the blog...ha ha