Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rhymes with 'seem', not 'mimi'

Here's the Wikipedia entry on memes. Everything's all cool when talking about memes until someone points out that your religion, ideology, and fashion sense are all memes. Then you'll get all pissed off because you are not all philosophically sophisticated like I am. Yeah, that's right. I'm talking about all y'all, even you guys.

I'm only doing this post because this guy used the phrase "memetic bootstrapping", which I find delightful. So here's the deal- Someone named S. K. Kaufman is running an experiment measuring meme transmission speed. Results will be presented at a Modern Language Association panel. Sounds like a boring conference. I'd like to do some research and present it at an Archaic Language Panel. It would be like this:

Me: Mine ivory tablets betwixt rantipole hast caddish Grinder.

: Zounds! Smoteth the costermonger!

Me: Grog.

Back to the experiment- I'll buy a beer for the person who picks this up and posts a response in Chinese.


Big Ell said...

Your sideboard link to me is classic.

Anonymous said...


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