Thursday, April 27, 2006

X - spec - tation

These are a Spline, a Pozidrive and a Phillips (cross-drive or cross head) bits. I need ISO, DIN, or ASME standards for these bits. I will pay for them if necessary. First person to tell me where I can get them gets a beer and a hat. Probably not a new hat, though. I'll grab an old one out of the closet.


Anonymous said...

Karl, give me a call at home after about 10:40 tonight, I think I might know a way you can get hold of those standards

Michael Turton

Karl said...

Oops. I didn't see this until this morning. When's a good time to call today?

shavenpope said...

You'll find the spline drive specs in ANSI B18.3-1986. The Posidrive might be a proprietory design, so good luck with that. Phillips cross head Type IA and Type II can be found in ANSI B18.6.4-1981. The former has the extra little flutes, the latter doesn't.

Karl said...

Thanks for the help Shavenpope. But those ANSI specs are for screws. I need driver bits specs, so we can QC the bits we get from our subcontractors.

shavenpope said...

Well, there is ISO2351-2:2001 for cross-head screwdriver bits:

But ISO doesn't have anything for the male spline-driver. Don't get cute with that, okay? At least the ISO standard is for machine-driven bits, which I assume these are?

OTOH, ANSI has A-A-2483 for crosshead screwdriver bits here:

There is also a standard for Phillips here, GGG-B-00379A NOT 1:

But, that looks like a copy of a military standard (MIL-B-9946/3)... ???

Not to be left out, JIS has it's own crosshead standard, JIS B 4633:1998, and ANSI also sells that.

Still nothing on the spline drive for you though...

Karl said...

I might be able to find what I need this week at the Vegas show.

Shavenpope, who are you? You seem far too literate to be in the tool biz, but who else would know ANSI & ISO specs for screws?