Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Looking for

Where in Taichung can I buy a can of canneli beans? I also need Shoepeg white corn. And wild rice. Where can I buy wild rice?


VT said...

Gee, what kind of place do you live in?! You should be able to buy the white kidney beans the same place you buy red. I can't tell you about the others, though. Want me to ship them to you?

Angus said...

Your Destiny Has Arrived:
Chess-Boxing Combines Brawn and Brains in One Event
April 19, 2006 · If you think you are smart and tough, then there is a sport for you: Chess-Boxing. Kyl James reports on this bizarre sport in Germany that combines the thinking man's sport, chess, with the number-one fighting sport, boxing.

Michael Turton said...

Either at Uncle Jimmy's, or at the American Baking Goods store near where you work.


Karl said...

I was at Uncle Jimmy's a couple of nights ago. I didn't see either. I'll try the bakery store and Fingas tonight.

If I can't find 'em, I'll just substitute sand or durian or something. This cooking stuff doesn't need to be so complicated.

Karl said...

Angus, I blogged on chess boxing a while ago. I like beer chess better.

Karl said...

VT, Thanks for the offer, but the chili cookoff is Saturday. I'll wing it.