Tuesday, March 28, 2006

New article from Mark Ames of The eXile: Bush League
(SPQR, Malv, Red A, J-Hole & Kent- You guys'll wanna take a pass on this one.)


Robin said...

*Yawn* I found it devoid of any real insight, Karl. The "Bush is running the war incompetently" meme doesn't improve with age.

Karl said...

Insight? Since when am I interested in insight? I'm still laughing at the line:

"Getting your ass kicked by a gang of two-dinar dust-monkeys..."

See if you can get Ryan Atwater to do a sarcastic/comedic defense of the war for The Exile. I'd ask Red A, but he's in China like 25 days each month recently.

Red A said...

It's more like 10 days in China, return to Taiwan. recuperate for 15 days from the colds I picked up. Then spend 5 days enjoying myself before heading back out.

I'm scheming to make the 4:30 game.