Thursday, February 16, 2006


Davidoff Lights have gone up in price to a whopping NT$65 (US$2.01). So for me, that comes to about US$84.42 a week. I notice that this happens just four days after the U.S. Vice-Prez has a hunting accident. Damn you Cheney, for creating such instability in the world tobacco market!

In Google news, for some reason this blog ranks pretty high in searches for 'Richelle Fitzgibbon'. Ms. Fitzgibbon, if you'd like more publicity, send me an E-mail of yourself wearing a cowboy hat and looking at a chessboard. If you want to wear more than a cowboy hat, that's ok too.


Red A said...

When Taiwan signs Kyoto, smoking will not be legal unless you have bought some emission rights from a non-smoker, thus harnessing the power of the market for a better environment.

Karl said...

Can I buy yours?

Red A said...

Yeah, that was the idea. But actually I'm going to donate them to you so I can write it off on my taxes.

BTW, will be in HK, China, and Singapore until March 06.