Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Patently obscene

I found this patent application: Portable cyclic orifice penetrating device, and chuckled immaturely to myself, noting with glee that the title makes it sound like some complicated sex toy. Then I scanned the text. Urgh! It is a complicated sex toy!
Conventional orifice penetrating devices are generally manually actuated and rely on the user or another person for cyclic penetration. Other conventional devices may require the user to adopt an uncomfortable position or orientation. This may detract from the experience.
"uncomfortable position or orientation". Red A, I think I've just found the cause of your recent back problems...


Red A said...

Once worked for an auto parts company here making rubber/metal products.

Inquiry comes in from USA for strange size O-Rings in white, black, brown colors.

Factory urges me to find the use of the o-rings.

Response: Use for men on men.


The Spaceman said...

Man, reading patent applications sure takes the fun out of portable cyclic orifice penetrating devices.