Friday, December 23, 2005

Very last update


The party was good. It took me a full 45 seconds to dispatch Johnny Atomic with an onslaught of murderous kung-fu mayhem. I hope he is out of the hospital in time for New Year's Eve.

A big boo to Dr. Holcomb for bringing a photo album containing pictures that were never meant to be seen by sane humans. These pics included: Karl in drag, Karl's haircut circa 1983, and Karl being a big dork in a comprehensive variety of situations. Fortunately, vengeance is on the horizon. I got my big box o' embarrassing pictures out of storage, and readers of this blog my look forward to expiring from embarrassment, even though you don't know anyone in the pics. (Hint: Necronomicon, 1986).

And besides, that haircut was cool in 1976.

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Robin said...

So this book will be on soon?