Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Prescriptions for the boys over at Ni Howdy

Guys, I have found the solution to your most obvious problems. Git yerselves to a drugstore and purchase healthy doses of Hetracil (R).
"Hetracil is the most widely prescribed anti-effeminate medication in the United States, helping 16 million Americans who suffer from Behavioral Effeminism and Male Homosexuality Disorder"
Bread, did you read that? There is a medical cause for the overly-colorful clothing and the vodka-crans. It's called 'Behavioral Effeminism'! Though looking at the pictures posted over on y'alls blog this week, maybe you should send Kevlar out for the first (and heaviest) dose.


Robin said...

This a MLM plan, where your commission is in merch?

Karl said...

Merchandise? For me? I'm so amazingly masculine and macho and manly that nobody ever says anything otherwise.

Usually when I walk down the street, people will look at me and say: "Wow. Look at that guy! He is not in the slightest bit effeminate!"

Red A said...

What kind of a man would know the website for this kind of medication?

Methinks the Chaon doth protest too much.

That said, I wonder if this drug will become quasi-recreational, with gays tkaing small does to butch up?

Anonymous said...

Who's that big tall gay guy walking down the street?

Angus said...


Whoa...Where did THAT come from?

Bread said...

i may be effiminate, but at least my ex-wife still pitches for the opposing team.

Red A said...


check out NiHowdy.

Rye said...

i don't know how anyone could look at k-rock in a sexual way.