Friday, October 28, 2005

Halloween in Taichung

Here's what I know so far:

Tomorrow night, October 29

.22 and The Deported are playing at 89k
. I've never seen The Deported- I guess they are a punk band from Taipei. I might go and wave my cane in the mosh pit.

MalFunktion preeeezents NIGHTMARE2 at the new Londoner, featuring DJ's Provi-soir and Mixter T and a suprise guest. There will be a costume contest yada yada yada. Plans for late night soccer riot still provisional.

FM's Monster Mash will be on both Oct 29th and Oct. 31. Music by DJ Pau. Drink specials on Cape's Cod Revenge, Death by Jim Beam, Jaeger shots and Widowmakers. Partial nudity likely.

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Red A said...

For anyone checking in to see what happened...Karl played Axis and Allies until he passed out. No costume.