Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Iran so far away

From The Telegraph: Iran has not passed the super-secret initiation, so they don't get to be in the Nuclear Weapons Club.

Well, a couple of years ago I supported the invasion of Iraq, and I didn't let a simple thing like a total lack of knowledge about the country or the culture get in my way. So in that spirit, I heartily endorse the upcoming whuppin' of Iran as well. To save time, we'll just re-use the rhetoric from 2003:
Iraq Iran is a good target for freedom. The people are ready.
Once Iraq Iran and Afganistan Iraq have achieved a system of self sustaining freedom the people of Iran Yemen will join them. Possibly even Pakistan.
Imagine a freedom domino effect spreading across the world. It would take time but I believe it is possible.
Why are the other "Western" countries resisting this course of action? Why is the left resisting this course of action? Is there some sort of aversion to the concept of freedom or does a long term goal elude their five year horizon?
(Note that this is not my rhetoric, but how ya gonna resist a phrase like "freedom domino effect"?


Red A said...

Actually, there have been protests, riots, and dissidents in Iran. It's highly possible they will have some sort of anti-clerical revolution soon.

An invasion of Iran would be difficult because of the sheer size of the country and population. Especially when you can see the regime rotting from the inside out.

It's leadership is also less "adventurous" than Saddam was.

(I think the Red A policy of the future will be only to invade and occupy countries with fewer than 8 million inhabitants...that seemed to work in the past.)

A few questions:

How much does Iran support terrorism nowadays?

How much will Iraq work as a "freedom domino" to Iran? Same Shia religion, but different ethnicity and langauge.

Can the lesbians help?

Robin said...

One thing that might make intervention in Iran more successful is the very large and affluent Iranian communities in the United States and Europe.

Red A said...

Yes, we'd have a ready to go Iranian media since LA produces the best Farsi shows anyways.

Sean Reilly said...

So it's not enough to merely peek inside Pandora's Box; now it's time to wrench the lid of and throw it away, eh?

Like boys down at the seashore seeing how mny times you can get it to skip across the water's surface.

'Freedom' and 'Terror' are such loaded words these days. Does Tehran support terror? Does Washington support freedom? I haven't seen much evidence of either.

And I'm not sure that lesbins are going to do the trick is that particular sandbox.

Red A said...

Blog comments are pretty cheap. I hope Bush & Rummy won't base any policies off mine.

Though I do say that Iraq and Afghanistan have had elections - so on an objective basis of countries' under our occupation, yeah, I'd say more or less "freedom."

Hey, we even let Islam Karimov kick us out - so we are in bed with one less dictator...though I do recommend keeping that Musharraf guy close.