Monday, July 04, 2005

Mutterings heard

I haven't been out much recently, so I don't know much of whatever has been happening in Taichung. But I did hear this: English Kevin (also known as "Don't mess with me because I have gangster friends and they'll sort you right out" Kevin*) got thumped Saturday night by PJ. No details are known as of press time. I thought Kevin had lifetime banned from PJ's anyway, so I don't know what he was doing there.

*Not to be confused with Kevin the lovable maritimer who can fix anything. Including fish tanks.

Chess night at FM last night was a resounding success. Except that I beat Chuck so badly that he spontaneously decided to return to the U.S. and go to Graduate School. I pointed out that he already has a Master's degree, so what would be the point of going back to school? His answer- more Master's degrees. Hopefully Chuck's return to academia will allow him time to study the Sicilian Defence, and discover that it does not consist of 1. E4 C5 2. Nf3 -order a pizza.

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Bread said...

according to frenchie (who was there), pj whaled on him after kevin stuck his wallet in pj's face. then pj kicked the shit out of him while he was down. the next day pj went to yuri of the broken leg and told him that four guys attacked him and he fought them all off singlehandedly. pj was pissed at frenchie for sitting idly by. Frenchie claims he didn't see the mysterious invisible attackers and that pj just got scared because of dumbass' mafia connections and wanted to get a leg up on the rumor mill. big john, who was also there, corroberated frenchie's version.