Wednesday, June 15, 2005


It's raining hard. How hard is it raining? I had to tuck my jeans into my cowboy boots coming to work this morning. Fortunately, there are no real cowboys in Taiwan to call me out as a citified poseur. I'll just tell all my coworkers that all real cowboys tuck their jeans in their boots. Who will know?

In the news:
Lost Boys exiled by fundamentalist Mormon sect
More irresponsible crap from The Guardian. The Lost Boys were the scourge of Santa Carla, California, NOT Arizona and Utah. And don't tell me that they were wiped out in 1987- When David got impaled on those deer antlers, did you notice that he did not disintegrate like all the other vampires? You can't kill a vampire with deer antlers! I betcha Santa Carla is still plagued by vampires, though they are not the 'Lost Boys' any more. Now they are the 'Lost Middle Aged Guys with Mullets and Dangly Earrings'.


Robin said...

Good point, antlers are not made of wood.

Brian David Phillips said...

Technically, teenage vampires don't age, just the actors who play them. It's not the wood that is the key, it's the impalement of the heart. Not that I have any desire to test that theory. - Brian