Monday, June 20, 2005

New Place for Taichung Chess

Chess knight (ha ha) is moving from Salut to FM, effective immediately. This is in spite of the fact that Bread looked so cute working behind the bar at Salut last night. Starting time is still 8:00-ish.

Rumblings of a new Texas Hold'em tournament here in Taichung. This time it will be held on subsequent Sundays- First round of tables resolved the first Sunday, winners' table played the following week. Entrance will be NT$2000. E-mail me or leave comment if you are interested.

Best Taichung quote of the week:
"I am so sick and tired of sexually frustrated white women"
-A very drunk PJ
There were some drunken scraps in Taichung over the last week, but nobody will tell me any details. I wonder why.

1 comment:

Bread said...

you fail to mention that the quote was given directly to a white woman....