Thursday, June 23, 2005

Here we go again

The House approved a constitutional amendment that would give Congress the power to ban desecration of the American flag.

The amendment reads thus: "The Congress shall have power to prohibit the physical desecration of the flag of the United States."

Now, didn't Bush say some time back "Freedom will find a way"? Isn't the right to protest by burning a flag one of those freedoms? Of course not. Freedom is not some generic term that implies 'the right to act freely'. The literal meaning of the word 'Freedom' is 'do things our way'. Wanna smoke pot? We don't do that, so that is not freedom. So forget it. We don't marry people of the same sex, so the right to do so is not Freedom either. You freak. You like guns? So do we. That's why the right to own guns is the epitome of Freedom...

You know, these words, this attempt at sarcasm is not even funny. I give up. Ban desecration of whatever the hell you want America. I'll try to salvage any comedic value of this post by reminding everyone of the wisdom of Peter Rjinswand:
"Yes, brave men and women died for our freedom, but one of the freedoms they died for was the right to act like a retard. And burning your own possessions because you are angry is one of those sacred, retarded freedoms."


Johnny Atomic said...

Double Plus Good. All of us here at INGSOC are very pleased. Remember: Thought crime doesn?t lead to death, it is death.

Red A said...

As a Republican, I think this law is horrible and a waste of time.

This comes on top of the pot ruling, the imminent domain ruling (sp?) and the drunken sailor spending.

But I rest assured knowing Hillary will be elected in 2008 and sort this all out.

Aj said...

I guess you missed the supreme court case where state goverments can now sieze (spelling?) private land for private use. If they feel it's in the public's interest. Like building a new pharmiceutical company, or such. (The desenting judges had some nice comments though... You might check it out. Sorry I don't have a link.)

Red A said...

Basically, eminent domain means they can buy your house to build a railway line or something.

Now it's extended to a city who thinks a new shopping mall will bring in enough tax dollars to be a "public good."

So far, we have AJ and myself agreeing this is freaking wrong which means it really must be freaking wrong.

Michael Turton said...

Count me in on that, Red A. It's really freakin' wrong. It's amazing how truly bad that decision is.


Michael Turton said...

Souter's House to be lost to Eminent Domain??