Monday, May 09, 2005


Stumbleupon insists that their product is neither adware or spyware. Webroot's free spy audit disagrees, fingering Stumbleupon as a baddie. Since Stumbleupon was fun for about two days and I haven't used it since, I'll go with the Webroot view and nuke it.


Recommended by Garrett over a beer some night last week: Ifilm's Viralvideo section. Some funny stuff, some not so funny stuff. As good a way as any to spend Monday morning in the office.


Kent said...

Geez, Karl. I got the "Stay away from this porn site or we'll fire your butt" screen when I clicked your link. You need to give some warning when a link is to a porn site.

Karl said...

Which link, the Viralvideo one? Nothing too obscene there- but I only watched a handful of the clips.

Peter said...

StumbleUpon has threatened to take legal action against Webroot for listing SU as spyware. None of the major spyware programs that I've used has a problem with SU (Ad-Aware SE, Spybot Search and Destroy etc.)

Here's a thread on the topic. By the way, Geoff is a developer at SU.