Tuesday, May 31, 2005

More Prior Art Stuff

I'll pay a thousand dollars to anyone who can give me prior art showing a combination wrench with a 90 degree twist in the handle, published before 1998, and in Germany. Because it turns out that German gebrauchsmuster patents are not affected by prior art from countries outside of Germany. Stupid Jerrys.


Karl said...

That's U.S. dollars. I am not kidding.

Red A said...

They don't accept prior art from outside Germany? That's insane!

Karl said...

They do for regular patents, but this gebrauchmuster, "utility model" is a cross between a utility patent and a design patent. It's called a 'petty patent' in Australia. And it turns out that I might be able to hit it with some non-German prior art after all- I've got some conflicting information. So if yer shooting for the thousand bucks, better get the prior art to me within the next week or so.