Saturday, April 30, 2005

I'm not gay. I mean, all of the readers of this blog know me, and can attest that I am a powerhouse of manly macho non-gay masculinity. If fact, I'm pretty sure that anthropologists refer to me as "The Alpha-Male of Taichung". Because I am so not gay and all.

So what in the hell is wrong with all of these internet quizzes?




You are EXACTLY 40% GAY.

Now lets evaluate your quiz results:

Please be careful with this Valuable information as you are too young to be taking this test.

Not so good score. You are not gay, but at this point, other people start to have a hard time seeing that you aren't gay.

You know, seeing these malicious lies being put forth by some irresponsible web people makes me so angry I could weep and stamp my foot.

Here are the links to the quizzes, in case you are um.. curious:

Channel 4's Gay-O-Meter

How wicked gay are you?

The "How Gay are You" Test

The Burly Adventurer Gay Quiz

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