Friday, April 22, 2005

Back in Taiwan from Minneapolis. Minneapolis is still better than Tampa. And Houston. I got deposed, along with my company's General Manager and our Sales Manager. I got to sit in on the other two depos, acting as a representative for our firm. By the rules we were working on, that was ok, though if I had been opposing counsel I would have insisted that the guy who is going to sit in as the corporate representative get depo'ed first.

There were three attorneys present for the opposition. The one that questioned me is The Devil. I fear The Devil, because he is about three times smarter than me. And he is smarter than me in the area where I am strongest, which is the mixing of being glib and analytical in dialogue to maximum effect. I guess that was probably for the best though- If I thought he was a dork, than I would have been more inclined to let him know what is what. And when you are geting deposed, you are not supposed to tell the questioning attorney what is what. You are supposed to shut up and answer his questions as briefly as possible.

So, I got deposed for a total of five and a half hours, and they could have had seven total. So I'll take that as a good sign.

AJ- I brought back $100 worth of Kodiak Wintergreen. Bread- I have two cartons of Camels, no wides. Ah-Di, I got the Glucosamine chondrate for Mom. It's not all that cheap in America either.

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