Wednesday, March 23, 2005

This in from DJ Pressplay: Candles that Smell Like Jesus. Probably selling better than Candles that Smell like Karl would, but you never know.

And from Red A: Fashion Takes a Vow of Chastity. I admit to being a bit confused about this:
"Thomas, a practicing evangelical Christian and never-married mother of three, vowed in 1999 to remain abstinent until marriage."
How hard can it be for a 39-year old mother of three to remain abstinent?

A lot of blogs are talking about the Terry Schiavo case. The legal case and public outcry is what those of us in the manufacturing industry professionally refer to as "An Unholy Hell of a Mess". But this case has prompted me to contact my lawyer and prepare a living will. Unlike some, my will does not have a provision that if I fall into a persistent vegetative state, and Tom DeLay comes within a hundred miles of me, I am to turn into a zombie and rip his fucking head off. (Thanks apostropher)No, my concerns are much more practical: If I fall into a vegetative state, how in the hell am I going to smoke? They can pull the feeding tube if they want, but I better damn well have a nurse at my side 24 hours/day to put cigarettes in my mouth and light them. And I am assuming there are two tubes- one for feeding and one for drinking. That drinking tube doesn't come out no matter what, and no deviation from the accepted list of fluids will be tolerated.

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