Thursday, February 17, 2005

You know what you don't hear too much about here in Taiwan? Muggings. We have all kinds of crime- cars stolen, houses broken into, even the occasional alcohol or drug-fueled vicious beating. But not many muggings (assuming that purse-snatching is not mugging). Anyway, it turns out that the weekend before the Lunar New Year, Adrian (he hangs out at La Terrasse sometimes) got mugged outside of a 7-11. Got whanged in the head by some kind of bat, lost his watch, kept his wallet.

In other news, a couple of weeks ago there was this report, claiming that Abstinance-only sex education programs were not working in Texas. Whether this says something about abstinance programs, or Texas teenagers, I will leave for my learned readers to decide. But if the two links below are the kind of abstinance-only materials they are using, I think I can see why they are having problems.
WARNING! Offensive material in links below! Don't click!
Sex is for Fags
Iron Hymen

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