Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Good links in from Aaron the last few days:

1) "I think we need to head on home and get a nice Federal job."
Cut-Rate Diplomas
How doubts about the government's own "Dr. Laura" exposed a résumé fraud scandal
Oh man. Here is the Hamilton University website. Here is the FION Fellowship with which Hamilton University is affiliated. I checked out the FION statement, but my woo-dar starting wailing so loudly I had to stop reading and go take some aspirin. Heck, I'd always assumed that I could not get a cushy Federal job because my degree is from a crappy state school. But if a $3600 Ph.D. from a Motel 6 gets you in, well then maybe I have a chance after all.

2) Chairman Kim's dissolving kingdom. Pretty sad stuff. I used to hang out with a bunch of North Koreans at Nankai University back in '88-'89. They were all pretty cool except for the political spook (I forget what his real title was). His job was to keep the North Korean students from doing things like drinking beer with Americans. The fact that one of the students was dating an American girl probably did not reflect well on the spook's ability to do his job. I always wondered if the American vixen-banging North Korean got in trouble when he went home.

3) On a local note- These are some reviews of PJs, the totalitarian anti-smoking establishment that is enduring the third week of my righteous economic sanctions. A reviewer named Henry says: "If you are not taste yet , you must be go to PJ's Cafe and feel his friendly!" Unless you are a woman, in which case it is more likely that PJ will try to feel your friendly....
Over on the left there I link to The Ferrett. The Ferrett enjoys quite a 'net following, probably because he says things like this:
there is an objective reality that may have nothing to do with your current emotional state. If Kurt Cobain can think that he's untalented and unloved while Ashlee Simpson can think she's a good musician, then obviously there is no correlation. As humans, we are very lacking in the self-analysis department.

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