Monday, January 17, 2005

For Squiggy Jahmal:

Note that John is talking about a full-sized grill with a cover, not the crappy little Hibachi things that pass for barbecue grills here in Taiwan.
Here is the recipe for turkey on a grill.

Light grill. You want to maintain about 320-350F for the roasting. Rinse turkey and dry. Stuff with quartered apples, onions and some celery. Save some to put in drip pan. Coat turkey with combo of oil, spices and vinegar if you like. Put on grill breast side up. After the first thirty minutes place turkey breast side down. Baste every 30 minutes . I used melted butter and cider vinegar. If your grill will allow it, place a drip pan below the turkey with the remaining apples,onions and celery. The dripping turkey and basting juices will make for some good pan gravy. If there is not room, place the turkey directly in the pan on the grill. It's ready when a meat thermometer stuck in the thick part of the thigh registers 165F or above. I will be glad to answer any specific questions you have about your particular situation.


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