Saturday, December 18, 2004

A Theory of Everything?
According to string theory, if we could examine these particles with even greater precision- a precision many orders of magnitude beyond our present technological capacity- we would find that each is not pointlike but instead consists of a tiny, one-dimensional loop.
One Dimensional. Loop.
A loop. That exists. In one dimension.
I hate physics.

In the news: Lee Teng-Hui gets a visa for to visit Japan. China, as usual, screams, kicks its little legs, and rolls around on the floor.

If you are dumb like me and use Internet Explorer, you may have wanted to remove the 'Links' folder from the Favorites list. I never even understood what 'Links' was supposed to be. Aren't all of your favorites links? Anyway, I found these intructions to Remove Links Folder in Favorites. So I did it, and it worked, but after I rebooted all of my favorites were now listed alphabetically, with all the folders at the top. Turns out this is more logical and faster than the way I had them set up. So I guess that's ok then.

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