Thursday, December 16, 2004

Newton's Penguins Go play.

Lunar New Year is approaching. Let's look at our options. (Where our=Cynthia + Karl, since I don't really know what your options may be.)

Option 1)
Vacation in beautiful Thailand!
Pros: Best food in world, can have nice suits made, great beaches, mountains, etc.
Cons: Been there a bunch of times, sometimes will check out some hot girl and then I realize she is a ladyboy and then I feel conflicted inside.

Option 2)
Vacation in beautiful Philippines!
Pros: Blitz chess in Rizal Park for money, short flight, good diving
Cons: Political unrest, Thievery and scammery, I can't dive

Option 3)
Take the money that we would use on a vacation and redo all the bathrooms in our house.
Pros: Would entail re-tiling the bathrooms, because I have hit some of those tiles with every cleaner known to modern science and can't get 'em as clean as I'd like. And this one store has opened that sells really nice German bathroom furnishings, which are not only attractive, but would add to the value of the house.
Cons: How old and pathetic am I that I would even consider this over 1) and 2)?, This option presages a midlife crisis, and argument with wife over the color of the tiles.

Suggestions are welcome.

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