Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Harvard get pwned. Heh.

Lycos has a screensaver for download that will pop spammers websites for a few megs a day. The idea being that if enough people use it, the spammers' bandwidth bills will go through the roof and make spamming unprofitable. While this is arguably a more elegant solution than that proposed by me- hunting the spammers down and killing them, the potential for abuse may be greater than the benefit. What if some joker at Lycos enters into the list of sites to be spammed by the screensaver? That might make it difficult to read Foxnews! And then where would I get to read about the latest mayhem caused by the dastardly anti-Iraqi forces?

Sent in by DJStephoo:
Best DUI Bust ever. Just the kind of thing I would fall for, if I got pulled over driving drunk. If I drove drunk. Which I don't.

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