Thursday, September 25, 2003

Dear Karl,

Yes, it will be at Brett's house. 0936xxxxxx
Located near CETRA's office (if you know that.) Ying Tsai and Min Chuan? I may not come since 8 is a lot of players and Brett has no super table.

I owe you NTD 1,000. Would you also be up to another lunch tomorrow? I have more patents and can re-pay the money.

I'm assuming you are a democrat if you are even asking Clark/Clinton. My suggestion for Clark would be NOT to have Hillary as a running mate. Many people have a bad opinion of her. In fact, the popularity of Hillary as a name for babies plummeted once Bill was in office. beyond that, would you want to hear her at every meeting saying "Well, Bill used to..."?

For Clark, I would suggest the governor of Tennessee as a running mate, because he would bring some government experience, but not Washington experience, and also has the CEO and health industry background to balance Clark's all military record.

"NONE of the stereotypes of a glad-handing southern politician applies to Phil Bredesen, Tennessee's new governor. He is not boisterously friendly; his accent is from New York state; he graduated not from the beloved University of Tennessee, but from snooty Harvard. His speeches are short on down-home anecdotes: a former health-care CEO, he could just as easily be lecturing on total quality management. And there are three more surprises. Mr Bredesen is popular; he is a Democrat in a largely Republican state; and, when it comes to budgets, he is a cost-cutter rather than a tax-raiser."

However, I have a feeling Gen. Clark will not be doing so well in this campaign. He has already flip-flopped on his war stance, he has advocated a "new kind of patriotism" and basically moved left in order to win some votes in the primary...but this will come back to haunt him later. We also really know little about him, except his resume and that he voted for Reagan and Nixon...which suggests to me when he says he will "review the Patriot Act" it simply meant to sound good to those who are against it, but once in office the review will be just that: a review...and then a continuation...especially if there are any more domestic terror attacks.

Meanwhile, his fellow generals don't always like Gen. Clark.

...and those on the far-left of the Democratic party think he is a war criminal:

However, in my view, Clark has to be better then any other Democratic you are welcome to root for him. Seeing as how most people are voting based on foreign policy (well we should be at least...) I don't think it matters who is president in 2004, except maybe, in style, or an excuse for France to climb down. I doubt electing an anti-Bush will suddenly cause Yasser Arafat or Sharon to embrace the road map, or Pakistan to crack down on the Taliban...or Mr. Kim to become a pacifist...though Clark has the Kosovo experience to bomb Mr. Kim, I guess.

That's my take on Gen. Clark.


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