Saturday, August 02, 2003

--> zatoichi smiles at Moondog
--> uno da double negative miss-Andromeda their you go again
--> PathfinderVII eats bread from the Rock
--> compfirepower likes a little coke every now and- every 2 minutes :)
--> Jenn if something has the potential to mess u up, i see something wrong with it
--> Moondog notes Mick Jagger is 60, and still can't get no satisfaction
--> Miss-Andromeda > scientific study actually proves a little red wine to be healthy actually... usually a glass or 2 a weeks or something like that
--> PathfinderVII times iz on his side?
--> Bezzay has a glass of wine with every meal. I eat 50 times a day
--> uno my aunt use 2 seep soda every half second and she still looks good
--> compfirepower eats 200 zillion times a dai
Jenn shouts: ok,w.e u sai
--> compfirepower munchess on bonezeeps

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