Monday, July 14, 2003

Dear Mr. Grosvenor,

Thank you for the E-mail. Unfortunately, any institution that refers to Taiwan as a "Province of China" has automatically failed to meet the most rudimentary standards of professionalism and academic excellence. I shall pursue my post-graduate studies elsewhere.

Yours truly,

Karl *********

Subject: Admissions Counselor
Dear Karl,

Thank you for contacting University of Phoenix Online. My name is David Grosvenor. As your Admissions Counselor, I am here to answer your questions and help you through the enrollment process.

The first step is to go over the admissions requirements to ensure that you qualify for your program of interest. I am more than happy to explain the requirements to you in detail but you must either call me at the phone number below or send me an email at the address below. This ensures that you receive the correct information and my personal attention.

In addition, please reply with answers to the following questions:

What is your professional background? Are you currently working and if so, with which company?
What is your educational background? Which educational institution(s) did you previously complete coursework or a degree from?
What degree program are you interested in completing at University of Phoenix Online?

The University of Phoenix is the largest private accredited university in the United States and is designed exclusively for busy working professionals like you.

Don't delay the achievement of your educational goals, contact me now.

According to the information you submitted, you can be reached at:

No. *********, *********
Taichung, 00000
Taiwan Province Of China
Business Phone: 886*********
Home Phone: 886*********
Email: karl@*********

Please let me know if any of the information above is incorrect.

David Grosvenor
Admissions Counselor
University of Phoenix Online
Phone: 602-387-7000 Ext. 8120
Toll Free: 1-800-366-9699 Ext. 8120

Source: BANR
Detail: QUIN

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