Saturday, March 19, 2016

PowerDVD 16

The latest incarnation of the World's Most Expensive Media Player will soon be upon us, and you may be asking yourself: "Is PowerDVD 16 right for me?"

To find out, just answer these simple questions:

Do you believe that US$10,000 AudioQuest Diamond ethernet cables will bring you superior audio fidelity? 

Does US$1600 sound like a good price for a power cable, if it delivers "articulate bass and dynamic contrasts?"

Will you pony up US$512 for this Monster Computer Monitor Cable, because maximum low frequency response is essentially priceless?  

If you answered yes to any of the above, then PowerDVD 16 is perfect for someone with your technical competency!  Get your credit card ready, and prepare to amaze your friends with your videophile sophistication.


Anonymous said...

Early reviews of PowerDVD 16 are calling it bloated and buggy.

Karl Smith said...

I had some beers with Cyberlink's marketing guys Friday night. Asked them what they thought about PowerDVD 16's new features. They just laughed.