Monday, March 21, 2016

Not sure how Canute came into this.

Who saw the fences falling?
Who broke the ploughman's bread?
Who heard the winter calling?
Who wore the tailor's thread?

How many sheaves were counted?
How did the carriage shine?
How many thoughts were doubted?
How did the landlord dine?

Just as you sow you shall reap
Who led the May Day feasting?
Who saw the harvest home?
Who left the future wasting?
Who watched the families go?

See where the bowls are empty
See where the arms reach
See where the butter melted
See where the altars creak

Where were the days of promise?
Where were the gifts divine?
Where were the heroes honest?
Where was the summer wine?

Watch how the waves must shatter
Watch how the shore divides
Watch how the nets will tatter
Watch Canute and his bride

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