Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dear Piers Morgan

This morning on CNN, I saw you talking to Richard Quest about Flight 370. You used the phrase "100% certain" about twenty times, asking why no none would say that they are "100% certain" that the plane crashed in the Indian ocean. Let me clear something up for you.

"100% certain", or what we might call "absolute certainty" is applicable in propositions of logic, and in mathematical proofs. It is not a useful concept in science, or history, and definitely not in an ongoing event. Here's an example of how it works:

Everything that I have seen and read indicates to me that Piers Morgan is a huge asshole. However, I cannot say that I am "100% certain" that Piers Morgan is a huge asshole. The evidence I have seen could have been falsified. There could be instances of Piers Morgan not being a huge asshole that just aren't shown on CNN. Maybe Piers Morgan is pretending to be a huge asshole in all of his public endeavors, to some secret and high-minded purpose. So, the formulation is this- Based on the existing evidence, the statement "Piers Morgan is a huge asshole" describes reality more accurately than some other statement. There is no "100% certainty", and no "scientific proof". 

I hope this clears things up for you a bit. Please note that evidence indicates that Jeremy Clarkson is also a huge asshole.

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