Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Anonymous said...

let's review:

Colin Powell would have been the 1st black president if his wife had agreed (women, jesus h christ) as a GOP candidate.

He was the first black Sec. of State...appointed by the GOP...who promptly replaced him with Condi when they got back in power.

The same GOP nominated Clarence Thomas - the only black man on the SCOTUS and only Gullah speaker too.

The same GOP who in Louisiana elected Jindal, and who in one of the Carolina's elected Haley.

The same GOP who's Allen West lost to a white guy from the Dems, and who's Tim Scott was elected to Congress and now will be a Senator from a Southern state...please tell me about the last black Democratic Senator from a Southern state.

Yes, there are racists in the GOP. And Colin Powell, if he had been elected a GOP president, would have discovered racists in the Democratic party.

In fact, he could have been president when Byrd was still in the Senate...Byrd, an actual KKK member.

And if he is complaining now, you know, his wife could have STFU, and he could have fixed everything.

But not to worry, Obama's cabinet is bursting with women and minorities. LOL.

Karl said...

That Breitbartesque derp looks so good on you. It matches your eyes.