Monday, June 20, 2011

Miniature Golf History

As it turns out, Taiwan's first mini golf course was not Taichung's ill-fated venture that was launched in 2009. It was about 90 years earlier than that, and up north of I-Lan at a place called Jinguashi 金瓜石 (Wiki).

Weird thing is, I didn't know there were miniature golf courses anywhere in 1922.

Guess who it was built for?


Anonymous said...

The Japanese Imperial Overlords?

Karl said...

If by "Imperial Overlord" you mean "Crown Prince Hirohito", then you are correct.

Anonymous said...

If by Ilan you mean Xinbei / Taipei County, then you are correct. :)

Karl said...

No one will ever mistake me for an expert in geography, but I'm pretty sure that ILan (Yilan) is still in Yilan County. Or did that get changed in the recent reorganization?