Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mid-Term Exam

Chaon's wife boards a jet airplane in Taipei with a final destination of San Francisco. The plane is a Boeing 747 with a cruising speed of 893 Km/hr. The wife will return by the same plane and route 15 days later.

Question 1 (20 points)
Assuming the plane flies the shortest possible path, what are the three largest cities it will pass on its route?

Question 2 (19.5 points)
The wind over the Pacific ocean at the plane's cruising altitude is 3 m/sec WSW. What will be the difference in flight time between the departing and returning trips?

Question 3 (44 points)
How many 12 oz. cans of Budweiser beer will Chaon drink in the next two weeks?

Question 4 (5 points)
How much money will Chaon lose in poker this weekend?
EXTRA CREDIT (314 points): What bullshit match-pot game will Chaon drunkenly call at 2:00AM in a desperate attempt to recoup his losses?

Question 5 (1,000,000 points)
How many bruises will Chaon have after the beating he gets from his wife when she returns home and finds out he has been smoking in the house?
EXTRA CREDIT (infinite points): How big will the largest bruise be, where will it be located?


Robin said...

Just more confirmation of what I've been sayin' ...

Anonymous said...

One big bruise on your rear end.
And it will be the exact measurement of your wife's right foot. Which is size 6.

Karl said...

Small bruise then, because my butt is size 100.