Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saving Throw

Frank: Initiative has been rolled, and combat starts.
John: The Taichung High Speed Rail Parking Garage swings first... a seven! Direct hit. Let's see if Chaon can make his saving throw.
Frank: Nope, he missed it. That means Chaon is overcome by gibbering, shrieking madness for one hour. And he'll have to keep driving his car around in circles.
John: You would think that Chaon would build up some kind of resistance to this kind of attack after falling victim to it so many times.
Frank: Nope, that only works for Paladins, Wizards, and dwarves. Half-Titan barbarians cannot improve their weaknesses.
John: Is he gnawing on his steering wheel? Hilarious! Anyway, can't Chaon plan his gameplay so that he won't be exposed to these situations where he is helpless?
Frank: Well John, that would require an intelligence attribute of 12 or higher, which is clearly not the case here.
John: Right. I almost think he shouldn't be playing in this kind of campaign.

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