Monday, October 12, 2009

Silly Goose

On my way to work every morning I drive past a goose farm (goose ranch? goosery?). It's about half an acre, surrounded by two meter-high chain link fence, and filled with adult geese. Once in awhile, every six months or so, I see as I drive past a goose that has somehow escaped the enclosure. And the goose will always be looking kind of forlorn, walking back and forth outside the fence, trying to figure out how to get back in. When I see this, I think to myself: "Foolish waterfowl! There is a stream not 50 meters down the road. You could jump into that stream and follow it until you find a river or lake or something. The rest of your life would be enjoyable and interesting. Life inside the fence holds nothing but boredom and certain death."

The weird thing is as soon as I finish thinking that, I hear this exasperated Voice in the back of my head yelling: "Idiot! How can you not SEE what's happening here? The universe doesn't GIVE you metaphors any more obvious than this! THINK for a second!"

But I don't really know what the voice is yammering on about, so I continue the drive to the office to start my workday.


Red A said...

Dude, the farm probably has a shed to keep warm in, lots of friends, female geese, and free food.

I mean, you have seen Logan's Run - how many people in that dystopia fought their fate?

fumanchuck said...

clipped wings