Tuesday, June 16, 2009


To celebrate 10 years of indentured servitude, I took my wife to the hoity-toity French restaurant on Hui-Wen Rd. I'm still not sure of the name; it's either 'La Fete' (In French: 'The Feet'), or 'La Fele' (French: 'The Fellation'). Either way, here's my review:

Atmosphere: Nice, classy. Detracted by the presence of me.
Service: Outstanding and, in my case, patient. "Yes sir, the entire thing is edible"
Food: Good except for the fried pigeon. That was ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. Serves me right for ordering a fried pigeon when the other choice with my meal set was a 'mini hamburger'.
Cost: Urgh.

* "Hoit" is a 16th century verb whose meaning is "to play the fool" or "to indulge in riotous and noisy mirth." Example: "Goddamit Brett, quit your pommy hoiting and deal the cards."


Robin said...

Pigeons should always be shot over a english pointer by a hunter using a Purdey double and then roasted.

Karl said...

I'd just as soon shoot the English Pointer and eat it, though you enviro-watermelon types would get all outraged.

Robin said...

I'd only be offended if you served a white wine with the pointer.

Karl said...

I would never be so gauche as to serve white wine with Pointer meat.

Only white liquor: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaoliang

Anonymous said...

It was my understanding that Taiwanese do not celebrate wedding anniversaries.

Red A