Thursday, June 04, 2009


Gambler Threatens to Sue the Venetian for Bad Feng Shui

The Venetian casino in Las Vegas is reportedly being threatened with a lawsuit by a Taiwanese man, identified only as "Yuan" (which should really narrow it down), who blames "feng shui sabotage" for a two-million-dollar losing streak last year. According to the report, Yuan contacted the Venetian through his attorney after he returned to Taiwan, and said that he intended to sue if the casino did not come up with a "reasonable solution" to the matter.
If that guy is successful in his suit, I'm going to sue English Brett for... a considerable amount of money that I cannot disclose here because my wife sometimes reads this blog.


D-Wayne said...

the casino offered him a 100K refund, but didn't say why they did so. and i am gonna sue that Karl guy for shafting me one ill fated nite.
verification: taired
"taired the other night on hbo"

Karl said...

My ill fated night beats yours by about $3000. And I hope to God my wife doesn't read this comment.

Sasha said...

I really should sue somebody rich, just so Stephen and I never have to work again. Maybe Paris Hilton for being really annoying and a complete waste of cosmic space. I am not sure she has enough money though... I need to come up with somebody better. Any suggestions?

Stephen Cole's wife, Sasha

Karl said...

I certainly do have a suggestion, but I am contractually prohibited from naming them.

Sasha said...

Now Stephen and I understand what you mean by "fake lawyer". And I am not knocking it down.