Friday, May 29, 2009

Line Trap

I don't know what's wrong with 4chan. This is not hot at all:

A line trap comprising a coil formed by winding a strip of electrically conducting material in convolutions, a supporting frame made of an insulating material for supporting the convolutions of said strip, a spacer for controlling the clearance between the convolutions of the strip, a pair of trap terminals each connected to one of the opposite ends of said coil, and tuning means and an arrester connected in shunt with said coil.
Stupid Btards.


Robin said...

"Bollocks to your “microbreweries”"Correct me if I'm wrong but is not "Bollocks" somewhat negative?

Karl said...

It's supposed to be negative. Microbreweries suck. I crave the pure, noble and delightful flavor or Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Robin said...

Pabst Blue Ribbon ? Last seen locally sponsoring roller derby.