Tuesday, December 09, 2008


For a picture that supposedly creeps me out, I sure left that stupid cowboy at the top for a long time. Anyway, here is some stuff I have seen:

On J-Hole's half-recommendation, Cynthia and I went to the Taichung version of Ding Tai Fen. It's only a 10 minute walk from my house, and since I have a bad habit of eating at the same places over and over, too lazy to try something new, this was to be a pleasant and novel dining experience. It was not. Overpriced and average quality dumplings. I was especially disappointed in the soup, and when nobody was looking I dumped a half a cup of balsamic vinegar in to try and get the soup to taste like something. It kind of worked, in that my soup then tasted like vinegar.

In other restaurant goings on (or lack thereof), I suppose Fingas Deli is doomed. We showed up at 11:00AM Saturday morning. We were the only customers when we arrived, and it still took them 30 minutes to deliver my C breakfast set. In case you have forgotten, that is the meal that includes baked beans and a fried half tomato. No, I don't know what I was thinking. Back to the Early Bird I suppose, where if you wait 30 minutes for your food it is because the place is packed to the gills* with customers.


Back when smoking was healthy. Har. Someday there will be a similar site titled 'Back when vegetarianism was healthy'.


Someone set up a site www.thankyoupresidentgeorgewbush.com so that people could sign and... well you get the idea. Fark/4chan/Somethingawful hilarity ensued. Fine supportive patriots include:
1242 New Orleans was delicious. Om Nom Nom -Katrina.
1243 Barry McCockiner
1244 Hague F. Tribunal
1235 Ayn L Randy
1217 Fawn Leibowitz

* Anybody know the origin of 'packed to the gills'? I don't.


Anonymous said...

Small mistake, the right link should be http://www.thankyoupresidentgeorgewbush.com/
I know, you are still shocked by the three-armed bandit.

Karl said...

Thanks Franck. Fixed now. But it looks like all the signatures are gone :(