Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Just got off the phone with the Eccentric Uncle. We chatted about a couple of things, and the conversation touched on the U.S. debate on immigration. His (paraphrased) comments are as follows:

"Why is it that when we have a war protest here with 500 participants, we have all kinds of mayhem. Cars turned over, stuff burned, policemen injured. But they can have a 500,000 Mexicans in a pro-immigration march, the whole thing set up with two days notice, and there is not so much as a scuffle? I can only conclude that we are thinking about deporting the wrong people. Let the Mexicans stay and deport half a million asshats."

Background: Eccentric Uncle lives near San Francisco, where I think their protest marches are full of anarchists, communists, and violent psychopaths. Eccentric Uncle is not particularly enamoured of either the Iraq war or President Bush.


Robin said...

Oddly enough, the immigration rallies are being organized by the same socialists as the anti-war rallies - International ANSWER.

Karl said...

Whoa. I didn't even know about this group. I just looked at www.internationalanswer.org, looks like there is a national boycott on May 1. As good a way as any to celebrate my birthday, I guess. Better stock up on beer April 30.