Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Big Victory Freedom Brother

In the news, the ACLU has filed suit over an incident in which a detective for Dekalb County's Homeland Security Division allegedly acted like a dick. Link.

Now Dekalb County is the county that encompasses Atlanta, so a cop being a dick there is hardly surprising, much less newsworthy. And I don't know if there is any relationship between the Dekalb County Homeland Security Division and the Federal Homeland Security guys. What is odd about this is that the Homeland Security detective was taking surveillance photographs of Vegans as they picketed a HoneyBaked Ham store.

Wow. I'm torn. Again. On one hand, I am nervous about the possibility of Homeland Security forces being used to to harass persons of a political persuasion that is not favored by the government. On the other hand, Vegans can be a real pain in the ass, and those honey baked hams are awesome.

Maybe it is better to be safe than sorry. Look at it this way: Vegans do not eat ham, and Islamic terrorists ALSO do not eat ham. Coincidence? I think not. Islamic terrorists hate our freedom and way of life, and Vegans hate MY freedom and way of trying to pack a full kilogram of bacon onto a BLT sandwich (Hint: Forget the lettuce and tomato, use very large bread). Reading the article further, you can see that the 22 year-old girl vegan went to the extreme measure of writing down the license tag number of the homeland security agent, and that's practically treason right there. And what kind of name is "Caitlin" anyway? Doesn't sound like a wholesome victory American name to me.


Michael Turton said...

Oh c'mon. Everyone knows that there is no such thing as a 22 year old female vegan. By that age, it's a certainly she's had some meat.


Robin said...

Not necessarily, Michael, not necessarily.