Thursday, January 20, 2005


Little do we know of the evil that resides in our village, or neighborhood, or perhaps across the chessboard. An Associate Professor at Chaoyang University of Technology evidently:

Cursed at the students!
Broke a door two years ago!
Hung a picture of himself on the door of the research room??? (I don't quite get that part)
Gave the students a big headache!
And showed PORNOGRAPHY to his students!
Here's the dirt (in Chinese only)

Now the porn thing kind of sparked my interest. Were there lesbians in the porn? So I bravely faced down this raging academic miscreant and demanded to know more of this pornographic material that he had foisted upon his poor students. The door-smashing fiend promptly wilted in the face of my towering... ness, and yielded to me the title of the salacious motion picture. It is Prospero's Books by Peter Greenaway.

Hmm. I have not seen the name 'Greenaway' come up in my perpetual pornography perusings. Nor does the title seem particularly fitting for a porn film, lacking as it does the words hot, wet, anal, and lesbian. However, if the Taiwan media says it is pornography, then it must be pornography. And I shall view this outrageous filth in order to better combat the King's gambit playing depravity that exists in our community.

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