Friday, January 04, 2013

For Science

Step 1: Clip fingernails.
Step 2: Idly scratch some itch on inner forearm.
Step 3: Marvel at the welts and rashlike bumps that appear.

I can only assume that my mutant power is manifesting late in life, and has something to do with the ability to secrete acid from my fingers.


Robin said...

I think your mutant power is grossing out your friends and relatives.

Anonymous said...

It probably just the dead and decaying flesh that gets under your fingernails during your nocturnal hunts.

Karl said...

You mean the thing with the fangs and the chase and the insatiable hunger? I... I thought those were just vivid dreams.

Anonymous said...

See if you can write your name on your John Thomas. Well OK, initials in your case.