Thursday, February 23, 2012


Bob Morris is right. Not only are the Girl Scouts a radicalized bunch of feminist extremists, but in my opinion they are wayyy too quick in getting the courts to issue restraining orders for what is, as viewed in some cultures, very natural behavior for a man. Besides: scout uniforms, cameras, and olive oil are all items that are put here on this Earth by the great god almighty, so I found it especially hurtful to see the word "unnatural" used several times in those affidavits.

Also, I have a natural inclination to believe anyone who has absolutely epic eyebrows like Bob Morris does.


Robin said...

You are just mad about that whole "Girl Scout Restraining Order" incident.

Karl said...

Yes. And because it is very difficult to estimate "within 200 yards". What do I look like, a surveyor or something?

Robin said...

Laser rangefinders work for me ... err, for my clients.

turing words: lichildr Ukrum

Anonymous said...
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