Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Office E-mail

"These are not trademarks, they are product names. So trademark law does not apply. If you put your company name in front of the product name, then you automatically do not infringe any other mark."

It is not easy to make Chaon cry, but seeing this from someone who has "twenty years professional marketing experience" just about did it*. Whether the tears were of sadness or anger, I'm still not sure.

Next up: Product naming matrices and the brand essence.

I wish I had some Xanax(TM)

* The fact that I report directly to this person didn't help.


Robin said...

For a small fee, I'll call that person up and tell them that they are a moron.

Karl said...

Won't work. This person has irrefutable proof of her position. Go ahead, ask me what that proof is.

Robin said...

Um, OK. What "proof" does she have?

Karl said...

HTC has a registration for "HTC Hero". This proves that a) The word "Hero" by itself can not be a registered mark, and b) HTC will not infringe any trademark, anywhere, because their mark starts with "HTC".

On a further note, Chaonosity Industries announced today a new product lineup: the Chaon Apple computer, the ChaonOracle business software, and the Chaon Android cell phone. A Chaonosity company representative was quoted as saying "Lawyers? We don't need no stinkin' lawyers".

Robin said...

Well, I'm convinced.

I suppose a couple of actual court cases to the contrary would do no good?

Robin said...

Still haven't seen a retainer check in the mail.

Just sayin'

Karl said...

About a dozen actual registrations for the word "Hero", by itself, in the U.S., EU, and Taiwan did not help, because those are 'totally different'. But thanks for the offer.