Thursday, August 11, 2011

What I learned today.

That the short form of 航空母舰 is 航母, which allows you to make this lovely construction:


And then when you put it together with a nice picture:

You can make the whole world* say "Ooooh Burn".

*Whole world outside of China, I suppose.


Robin said...

That supposed to be one of those Russian designed ski-jump ramp aircraft carriers getting hosed by a cruise missile in the background?

Karl said...

Yes, and more delightfully, it was the first day of testing for China's Russian designed ski-jump ramp aircraft carrier when this poster went up at a local exhibition.

Robin said...

Ah, I knew that China was playing with one of those silly baby carriers. But I didn't know the timing.


Robin said...

Hmmm, I didn't double check my admittedly fallible memory, but weren't those HF III cruise missiles derived from Israeli Gabriel family of anti-ship missiles?

Karl said...

Robin, by recognizing the carrier type, you have already left me too far behind to discuss this with you.

Though if Michael Turton swings by, he can probably tell you the HF III missile's history, specs, and number in service.

I'll just sit here and grunt:
"Taiwan good. China bad".

Robin said...

Evidently, my memory isn't very good the original HF-1 was a copy of the Gabriel but the latter missiles are not.