Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I just found out that Fatum iustum stultorum means "The just fate of fools" in Latin. Now if I only had an appropriate occasion to use it, perhaps some kind of political event...


I was an enthusiastic participant in last Friday's effort to supply Taichung with its fair share of drunken wrestling shenanigans outside 89k at 1:00AM. Points of note are: 1) Defend the choke, 2) Subway Steve is a hell of a lot stronger than he looks*, and 3) For some strange reason my body recovers from injury much more slowly than it did 20 years ago. What's that all about?

*Several people have pointed out that Subway Steve looks helluva strong, and that I must be a blind idiot to try and mix it up with him. I'm looking into the possibility that this is true.


Underground Fortress. I think all guys have thought about this at least once.

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