Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hidden belt weapon

U.S. Patent 4807362

Notwithstanding the various prior art weapons available or otherwise disclosed in the prior art, a need remains for a throwing-star "Ninja" type defensive weapon which may be easily deployed immediately before use and may also be hidden as a part of an easily-accessible element of every day wearing apparel, such as a belt.
I did not know that there were unresolved needs in the field of ninja weapons.

But come on now. What are you going to do if a bunch of ninjas start willfully infringing your patent, sue them? Better get a hell of process server. Discovery would be pretty tough also.


Anonymous said...

I once met a Taiwanese guy in a bar who was an Army sniper. His wife was a lawyer. Not a family to mess with.

Red A

Michael Turton said...

Shit, but how could you grasp the buckle without slicing your fingers off?